Take a close look at 95% of marketing campaigns out there (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Google, Youtube or Facebook), they all have one thing in coming – Screaming at the prospects to Buy, Buy, Buy Now followed by a lengthy explanation of how great their product/services are blah blah blah…  In this quick guide, I’m going…
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How To 10X Your Results

As a business owner, you need to have goals and develop plans and strategies on how to attain them. Not achieving your desired goals and results cost to their business even if the business is making profits. One key aspect to take into account the “Cost of Inaction” of a business. This (Cost Of Inaction)…
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You Website Needs These!

With almost every single company, personal brand and “solopreneur” out there having a website on their own, There is the huge need for business to stand out and single themselves out when it comes to their website. There are specific components that every website should have that will increase your productivity and make things way…
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Facebook Advertising For Local Biz

Facebook Ads Are Key To all Business Prosperity but most Local businesses are dropping money off their table because they do not make use of it. Even when they do, they still face lots of difficulties. Many online businesses today make tons of revenue by using Facebook as their primary and possibly the ONLY medium…
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