You Website Needs These!

You Website Needs These!

With almost every single company, personal brand and “solopreneur” out there having a website on their own, There is the huge need for business to stand out and single themselves out when it comes to their website.

There are specific components that every website should have that will increase your productivity and make things way easier for you in terms of communicating to your visitors and prospects.

The Design:

First impressions are Key.  A poorly design website will only go a long way to scare your visitors away. Websites are not banners that attract attention. With a very poorly designed website, any/most visitors will immediately know how unserious a business it. Besides, it makes your company look more or less like a scam. Some important things to take particular note regarding the design include: the theme design, the colour scheme, Your logo, font types and size and most particularly the “Home Page” must be attractive with a strong message that places emphasis on what you do, and equally how you do it.


The Tracking System:

One of the main reasons why websites are built is simply to provide more information to the prospect regarding the products and/or services you provide. Most business owners fail to understand that it very essential to track each and every website visitor and this can be done with the use of free tools and codes. Google provides its Free Google Analytic tool, and Facebook, its “Free Facebook Pixel tool.” These tools helps you track your website visitors, what pages they visited, their location and many more. With the information provided by these simple, yet super important tool. Business owners can run specific retargeting ads via Facebook, Google, and other retargeting platforms and this is so powerful because the visitors have already shown interest, so retargeting them with the right ads can greatly increase your ROI.

Video Intro:

People are so busy nowadays that they don’t have time to read but they can spare a minute or two to watch a good and quick introductory video. This could be a good quality video showcasing what you do, how you do it and why you do it. For example, a short video of a dentist talking about his practice, experience and how he/she can help you. Or a video of a gym showing people working out, the various equipment in the gym and even a personal training class.  The idea is to have a video, that talks to the visitor on the products, services you offer. This saves the visitors time to spend reading through your site, and if there is a good Call-To-Action button, converting this visitor to a client might happen even faster.

CTA and Landing Page:

The CTA  (Call To Action) is simply a button that is designed to prompt your visitors to take a specific action by clicking it. This could equally be a Banner or “Stand Out  Text.” Examples of CTA could be “Book An Appointment” or a “Claim Your Bonus” or “Call Now” Or “Find Out More” and so on. These are so important because it urges the visitor to click. CTAs are usually the starting point of a conversion funnels. A conversion funnel is simply a process by which business owners lead potential clients through to becoming their paying customers. Within a conversion funnel, there are other important components like autoresponders (Email marketing software) and funnel builders.

Social Media Profile:

Every business should have at least one social media account, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  There is no need explaining the need, power, and importance of having social media accounts in possibly all social media platforms. The question is, of what use will that be if not linked to your actual website. On their own, these accounts can be great and do well, but combining them with your website, especially if managed correctly, will see you through the roof of success. These are so important as well as they build credibility. Make sure to have valuable content on these platforms as they will boost your profile and make you stand out from the crowd

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