Facebook Advertising For Local Biz

Facebook Advertising For Local Biz

Facebook Ads Are Key To all Business Prosperity but most Local businesses are dropping money off their table because they do not make use of it. Even when they do, they still face lots of difficulties.

Many online businesses today make tons of revenue by using Facebook as their primary and possibly the ONLY medium of getting prospects. WHY?
The answer is pretty simple: Facebook Works Perfectly >>>

The Question is: Is Facebook A Good Fit For LOCAL BUSINESSES?”


If you are a local business and not using Facebook ads to promote your business. Then you are letting Money slip away each day.
Facebook has billions of users ( As of 2018 December… facebook had a total number of 2.27 Billion Users Worldwide per month)… What fraction if this belongs to your local community?

So, Why is Facebook a Good Platform for your Local Business?

1. Facebook is cost effective. With a starting ( or Test Budget of just $5) you can start your advertising. As compared to Google and the usual “yelp” which personally is not working anymore, these platforms can be very expensive and when it comes to Yelp, businesses are purely throwing/wasting money.

In order of better returns to ads spent when it comes to online advertising… the ranking can be as follows: Facebook>>> Google>>>> Yelp. Yelp is simply a dying platform. Ask many millennials and many will tell you, they have no idea what YELP is all about. So with the ability to get highly targeted leads by geolocation, sex, income, personal interest and many more at very affordable rates, Facebook is just the goto platform for Most business.

2. You can easily promote coupons and offers
Using either a 3rd party Facebook coupon app or Facebook’s Offers app, you can easily advertise your coupons and drive people to claim them on Facebook.

3. If there is a platform where you can target a specific audience with respect to geographical location [ as regards Country >>> State >>> City >>> Postcode (Zipcode)] , personal interest, sex, language , and many more, then there is no need to go search other sources of advertising or platforms. With this targeting options, local business can get the best leads to their doorsteps with less advertising budget.

The problem with many Local businesses today is the targeting as well as the overwhelming nature of the platform. Facebook Ads Manager platform can be overwhelming to some.
Another important issue is time, running a local business takes up more much time and in most cases, having the time and patience to follow-up with marketing can be an issue,
Why not let us Get You Started as soon as possible with your Facebook ads.


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